The folklore of wood is a fascinating subject and when combined with the attributes of  gemstones, the description “amulet” seems more appropriate than necklace or pendant. The many permutations of wood with the gems gives an almost endless combination, to suit the needs and moods of the wearer. Below you can read about the woods and gems that I have used so far.


APPLE. Possessing magical qualities of healing, Represents open hearted generosity and gratitude, it is a powerful cleanser.

BEECH. For strength & power. One of the few holy trees in the wood. No harm could befall travellers who sought sanctuary beneath its boughs.

HOLLY. A potent symbol of positive life force, will help restore direction in your life. Sacred to the White Goddess. Holly gives good luck and protection from lightening, fire and the evil eye.

LABURNUM. This beautiful wood has been used in inlays by cabinet makers and has been used in medicine since Egyptian times. It has been used to cure kidney stones, to raise the temperature to treat fevers and as a purgative.

Home of the Guardian spirits and sacred to the Druids, Oak is revered as the supreme tree. The original wood to touch for luck.

ROSE. Sacred to Venus. For love, inner peace and quietude. The keeper of confidences.

SILVER BIRCH. The Celts used Birch for purification and renewal. To overcome the difficulties of new beginnings and journeys.

For health and mental powers. Walnut will strengthen the heart and ward off the pains of rheumatism.

YEW. Among the most ancient of trees. Yew signifies the cycle of life. Serene and timeless energy, calms and soothes.


AMBER. Healing, soothing and harmonising. Amber is sometimes called the  Mindful One  because it not only remembers past centuries but helps with simple absent mindedness.

. Said to stimulate mental focus and endurance, it dispels fear, brightens dark times and enables laughter. Helps solve problems and expedites solutions. Citrine will not hold negative energy.

EMERALD. Jewel of Venus. Increases serenity, promotes domestic bliss and instills sensitivity, loyalty and insight. Birthstone for May. Symbolising love and success.

GARNET. Associated with love and passion. Known as a  stone of commitment, to others and to oneself. Birthstone for January, Symbolising constancy.

JADE. Revered by the Chinese Jade represents the five cardinal virtues: charity,  modesty, courage,  justice and wisdom. A soft and gentle stone, believed to promote a long and  prosperous life.

PERIDOT. Thought to reduce stress, stimulate the mind and open doors to opportunity and abundance by banishing lethargy. For cleansing and healing. Birthstone for August. Symbolising happiness.

GREEN TOURMALINE. Resonates with the physical heart, aligning the heart's energy field. It brings balance, vitality and stability. Useful for athletes or those in training.

PINK TOURMALINE. Transforms negative behaviour to positive. Instills self gentleness and release of old hurts, One of the birthstones for October. Symbolising hope.

SMOKY QUARTZ. Provides a barrier of protective energy. It is said to heighten the survival instinct, promote personal pride and joy in living. A stone with strong healing powers.

TIGERS EYE. To bring brightness and optimism, has been used to stimulate wealth and enhance the stability to maintain it.

ZIRCON. Enlightening; promotes clairvoyance; overcomes loss, fear and sadness. Encourages lucid dreams. Increases life force, whilst grounding ideals in the physical world.